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Support Center

Our Support Center, or OneDesk, is our comprehensive 24/7/365 service department that supports all technical needs for your retail and corporate locations. OneDesk provides an all-inclusive proactive service to maintain our clients’ changing environments.

One Desk

OneDesk is built around the philosophy “One call does it all.” The structure is specifically designed to maximize our expertise across our Help Desk, Service Desk, and other supporting services. All it takes is one call into OneDesk, and we resolve your issue. OneDesk brings together all the pieces to provide responsive, agile, and quality service to you. Whether troubleshooting a mobile POS device with our Help Desk agents, dispatching a technician to assist with a network outage, or sending a new printer to replace a broken one, OneDesk has you covered.

Help Desk

The Intelismart Help Desk is made up of Level 1 and Level 2 technical agents equipped to handle network and equipment connections, POS hardware and software, account access monitoring, vendor management, global outage management, and notifications. Our team is always taking on new projects and expanding our Help Desk knowledge. Help Desk ensures 24/7 support, thorough solutions, and a quick dispatch when a service technician is needed on-site.

Service Desk

Intelismart‘s Service Desk dispatches technicians to repair, install, swap, and add new technical solutions. The Service Desk is key in tying the whole OneDesk together. When issues are unable to be resolved remotely on the Help Desk, Service Desk dispatches a technician for on-site resolution. Intelismart’s Technicians are strategically placed to reach any site with the appropriate parts in less than 4 hours. Utilizing dashboards, lobbies, and system notifications, Intelismart’s Service Desk is able to operate and report back to customized Service Level Agreements and Client Portal Dashboards.