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Remote Digital Services

Our industry-leading technology proactively monitors all your IT Assets for deeper insights and accuracy into your stores.

Actionable Insights

Intelismart RDS unifies your operational data, simplifies your SLA management, and accelerates your journey. RDS provides the visibility we require to proactively manage our customer’s vast technology portfolios. Brand by brand, region by region, service by service, technology by technology, the RDS platform provides a single source for real-time, actionable insights about your IT assets.

The RDS platform uses AI and Machine Learning to continually monitor the health and status of your IT stack and proactively alert you to issues before their performance impacts your business. RDS gives you the confidence and visibility to know that your stores are always working properly, and deeper insights into how they are running to optimize your decision making.


When we see an issue like a failing point-of-sale system, we can respond before it breaks down and impacts your business. No need to call for help, we’ll call you.
Optimize Resources: The RDS platform is a data producing and analytic tool that gives you all the reporting you need to make more insightful decisions on how you run your IT. Including full visibility through C-Level dashboards to view all stores in one window.

Maximize Revenues: Guaranteed device up-time and the ability to repair devices prior to them going down, including remote reach capabilities. With less down time and better decision making you’re able to focus on your customers and increase revenue.

Avoid Disruptions: Ensuring real-time visibility to device status and health to identify root cause and solution instantaneously for device errors. AI and Machine Learning proactively alerts you to issues before their performance impacts your business.

Improve Asset Management & Loss Prevention: Track location and health of all IT assets: POS, servers, surveillance devices, kiosks, signage, and IoT. Real-time information about all your deployed IT helps you make crucial decisions and react quickly.

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