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Professional Services

Our expert teams work with you to accomplish your goals and architect the deployment and support for your next IT solution.

Solution Design

Our expertise covers your store wall-to-wall, and your network end-to-end. We help you to design and implement a solution that solves your business needs.

Our teams perform site surveys and analysis on the facility to produce professional structured cable drawings and report back the current state of the site. We also leverage our partner relationships for deep-dive product information and demos.

Intelismart is resourceful and thorough when it comes to Solution Design because we know what it takes to do it right.

Command Center

We leverage our Command Center to support high volume projects that need to be completed in a short period of time. Projects such as fast rollouts, software upgrades, heat mapping, or store closures, often result in a Command Center project.

Our Command Center has experience solving global outages, ransomware attacks, and network breaches. Our team can be instrumental in bringing your environment to a steady-state, as well as deploying a solution at a fast pace.

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