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Installations and Projects

Our Project teams and Technicians have been delivering quality installations and projects for over 20 years. Our experience and reliability are why we are the strategic partner of choice for retailers around the globe when planning their project roadmap.

Our Project Team

The Intelismart Project team is your group of experts to take your installations from start to finish. We work to plan, manage, and deploy your next IT solution as an extension of your team.

Over the years, we have expanded our scope and adapted to the changing environment. It is our goal to make your technology rollout a successful and quality experience.

Our Technicians

We take pride in our Intelismart Technicians. They are world-class, trained professionals who represent our company out in the field.

Our techs are strategically located to be onsite for your installations according to your business schedule. They’re equipped with a Intelismart van that is stocked with everything they need to get the job done correctly.

Our mobile system of record allows them to provide real-time updates while on-site that are visible through our client portal. With Intelismart’s technicians, you can feel confident the job will exceed your expectations.

Our Commitment

We believe in partnership. We understand the importance of knowing our clients’ vision as we install your new stores, rollout your latest technology, or update your network cabling and equipment.

Our dedicated project teams are committed to personalizing the experience for you and achieving the highest level of quality.

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